Mardi 25 janvier 2022

09:00   Ouverture des 15èmes Rencontres Plantes Bactéries

9:05      10:35   SESSION Physiology of plant-bacteria interactions: regulation, epigenetics, metabolites

(Modératrices : Florence HOMMAIS et Wafa ACHOUAK)

9:05      Invitée Emilia LOPEZ Chemoperception and plant pathogenesis

9:35      Etienne JEANNE A multi-omics strategy to investigate carbon sources availability and exploitation by the biotroph Agrobacterium tumefaciens in tomato tumors

9:50      Lucas MORINIÈRE Unravelling the in vitro and in planta biology of the lettuce pathogen Xanthomonas hortorum pv. vitians using transposon insertion sequencing

10:05    Florence DECHEVRE Lignin-derived compounds enhances type VI secretion system expression and microbial competition in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

10:20    Théophile FRANZINO How the nature of primary metabolites exuded by plants controls the denitrification in the rhizosphere?

10:35 10:50     PAUSE

10:50   12:20   SESSION Plant health management

(Modérateurs : Pascal RATET et Benjamin GOURION)

10:50    Invité Thomas REY Investigating the genomic and metabolomic features enabling plant rhizosphere colonisation by Streptomyces violaceusniger sp. AgN23

11:20    Aline BALLOT Screening for bacterial biocontrol agent and their molecular mechanisms against major wheat fungal pathogens.

11:35    Darius NZEPANG Mapping of QTLs associated with biological nitrogen fixation traits in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) using an interspecific population.

11:50    Nicolas BUSSET Research of the molecular mechanisms involved in the interactions between Burkholderia and their hosts

12:05   Hommages à Christian VERNIERE et Amélie CIROU


Mercredi 26 janvier 2022

9:00      10:00   SESSION Chemical ecology, secondary metabolites

(Modérateurs : Florence WISNIEWSKI-DYE et Benoit ALUNNI)

09:00    Invitée Laure WEISSKOPF Plant-associated bacteria and their role in plant growth and health

09:30    Guillaume GILLIARD Mechanistic aspect of the perception of the elicitor surfactin at the plant plasma membrane

09:45    Jelena PRŠIĆ Structural features driving the plant immunity elicitor activity of bacterial lipopeptides

10:00   11:00   SESSION Structure, function and engineering of the microbiome within the phytobiome

(Modératrices : Odile BERGE et Fabienne VAILLEAU)

10:00    Invité Alexandre JOUSSET Protists as a precision toolbox to engineer the plant microbiome.

10:30    Daniela RAMIREZ SANCHEZ Establishing a genomic map of local adaptation to beneficial leaf bacterial microbiota in Arabidopsis. thaliana

10:45    Cécile GRUET Impact of wheat genome architecture on interactions with the phytobeneficial microbial functional group involved in ACC deamination

11:00   11:15   PAUSE           

11:15   12:30   SESSION Evolution, phylogeny, plant and bacterial genomics

(Modérateurs : Marie-Agnès JACQUES et Philippe REMIGI)

11:15    Invitée Honour MC CANN Emergence and evolution of bacterial phytopathogens

11:45    Hajar BEN MOUSSA P. aquaticum and P. quasiaquaticum, two Pectobacterium species isolated from river water with a peculiar evolution within the Pectobacterium genus

12:00    Ginaini Grazielli DOIN DE MOURA Selection for host entry outweighs selection for multiplication within host during the evolution of a new symbiotic interaction

12:15    Olwen SIMENEL Occurrence of Multi-Drug Resistant Efflux Pumps in Rhizosphere Microbiome

Jeudi 27 janvier 2022

9:00      10:30   SESSION Plant immunity and Molecular dialog during plant-bacteria interactions: from symbiosis to pathogenicity

(Modérateurs : Fabienne CARTIEAUX et Pierre CZERNIC)

9:00      Invitée Mathilde FAGARD Impact of nitrogen availability on the susceptibility of Arabidopsis to necrotrophic pathogens

9:30      Choghag DEMIRJIAN Study of natural diversity in response to a key pathogenicity regulator of Ralstonia solanacearum reveals new susceptibility genes in A. thaliana

9:45      Thierry HALTER The active DNA demethylase ROS1 shapes immune responsiveness by facilitating DNA binding of WRKY transcription factors

10:00    Antinéa RAVET Guttation fluid-derived small RNAs as new gatekeepers of hydathodes

10:15    Carlos ZARATE CRISPRi as a tool to study the function of gene families in plant pathogenic bacteria

10:30 10:45     PAUSE

10:45   12:15   SESSION Epidemiology, Ecology, Effect of the environment

(Modérateurs : Marie-Anne BARNY et Adrien RIEUX)

10:45    Invitée Lucie MICHEL Epidemiological Plant Health Surveillance Platform: Monitoring to act!

11:15    Hasina RASOAMANANA Bacteriocin production might impact the epidemiology of genetic lineages of the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex in the South-West Indian Ocean

11:30    Ismaël HOUILLON Improving surveillance in a heterogeneous landscape: a case study on citrus cultivation in Reunion Island

11:45    Pauline CLIN Immune priming and the limited diversity of resistance genes in host mixtures.

12:00    Joris TULUMELLO Rhizobium alamii improves water stress tolerance in a non-legume

12:15   Clôture du Colloque